COCOA - COVID-19 Contact icon
COVID - 19 Tracking in Japan
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Music for meditation and relaxation
Intermittent fasting icon
Control your breakfast to lose weight
Mindshine icon
Serenity icon
Olson Meditation and Mindfulne
Relaxing Music: Sleep Sounds icon
Sit back and feel at ease hearing relaxing soundtracks
La tua dieta personalizzata icon
Want to lose weight without too much work?
My diet coach icon
Lose weight quickly by overcoming the hard parts of dieting
Blood Pressure icon
Log your blood pressure data
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Gobierno de Canarias
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Kitten Planet
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Meet you
SOTKA icon
WorkOut: Fitness from the Stre
Balance icon
A completely personalized meditation app
Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds icon
Excellent relaxing sound app
Pedometer icon
Count your steps, track your exercise, and stay in shape
Mr. Pillster icon
Don't forget to take your medication!
Sleep Sounds icon
Create enveloping and relaxing atmospheres with these sounds
Vaping Tour icon
Keep up with the latest news in the world of vaporizers
澳門健康碼 icon
澳門衛生局Serviços de Saúde de Macau
Alltid öppet icon
Stockholms Läns Landsting
Aware - Mindfulness Meditation icon
Feel at peace with these meditation techniques
Ma grossesse icon
Keep track of your pregnancy and have a happy baby
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Traffic Lights (רמזור) icon
משרד הבריאות Gov
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CA Dept of Technology icon
Xunta de Galicia
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New York State Department of Health
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