Google Fit icon
Keeping fit is important
Calm icon
A meditation tool with numerous features
Lose It! icon
A way to stay motivated with your diet and exercise plan
Sleep Cycle icon
Track your sleep with this app
Antistress relaxation toys icon
Dozens of activities to help you manage your anxiety
Mi Health icon
A Xiaomi app that'll help you live a healthier life
Period Calendar icon
Which days are you fertile? Which days are you not? Find out!
Tide: Stay Focused icon
Focus, relax and work better
Insight Timer icon
Time to meditate
Twilight icon
Sleep better with a filter for your pre-sleep nighttime reading
TousAntiCovid icon
Find out if you've been near someone with COVID-19 in France
Sweat With Kayla icon
Get in shape with this personal trainer
Medisafe icon
Don't forget to take your medication
Tawakkalna (Covid-19 KSA) icon
COVID-19 management in Saudia Arabia
BodyFast icon
Intermittent fasting to get your best body
Fabulous icon
Make every day fabulous
Corona-Warn-App icon
Covid 19 tracking in Germany
The Meditation App icon
Relaxing meditation exercises in your smartphone
WeWard icon
Turn your steps into rewards
Tok Doc-Mask icon
Prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in Korea
Pregnancy + icon
The best tool for pregnant women!
Sehhaty icon
Saudi Arabia medical services app
Sanvello icon
Reduce stress and anxiety to improve your state of mind
NHS COVID-19 icon
COVID-19 tracking in the UK
Yana icon
Virtual help for those with anxiety and depression
Cartão SUS Digital icon
Access your heath history in Brazil
Water Your Body icon
Don't forget to drink water daily
Withings Health Mate icon
Keep yourself healthy with the right tools
Simple Habit icon
Relax a little bit every day
7 Cups Of Tea icon
Talk with someone whenever you need to
Doctolib icon
Contact French hospitals and doctors
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