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Follow the famous Asian boy band EXO
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Throw the dice!
Watch whatever you want from this popular German television station
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Learn about your own personality with this test
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Let's see a movie at Hoyts Cinema tonight
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Follow your favorite celebrities and wait for them to video call you
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Bit Entertainmen
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Create your own This is America video
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Genius Inc
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Loads of funny videos
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Have a blast calling up your favorite Christmas hero
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The best questions and answers to have a great trivia night
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Get the notifications from your social networks all in one place
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A platform for videos in 360º
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Make your smartphone look like it's floating with this theme
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Listen in on police patrols with this fake scanner
The best-kept secrets for the perfect game
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Ghost Prank
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Watch TV even when you're not at home
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Nesim Razon
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Place your finger on the screen to unlock it
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Prisma Média
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Record and disguise your voice just for kicks
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Sing your favorite karaoke song on your screen
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Cosmic Mobile
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A charades-type game that you don't want to miss!
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Press play to watch programming in Portuguese
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A free app for creating video selfies
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Latest Status Hub
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