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Farm Animal Sounds icon
A selection of sounds from farm animals
School Assistant icon
Get your academic schedule in order
TinyTap icon
Interactive lessons in these educational games for kids
WheelsOnBus icon
Fre-Eng Dictionary + icon
Find the translation of thousands of words between English and French
How To Draw Manga Anime icon
Learn the intricacies and tricks to becoming an artist
Pocket Mathematics icon
Math lessons, examples and exercises to do in this educational app
iStoryBooks icon
Kids will love this form of storytelling
Lab-Go icon
Incode Development
KinderUp icon
Kuantico Software
Learn Arabic icon
Learn Arabic from the comfort of your smartphone
Baby Shark Coloring Book icon
Uhomes - Your home icon
Overseas Houzz Network Technol
Capitales icon
Dinosaurs Coloring Pages icon
forqan smart tech
RU-EN Translator icon
A great translator for translating between English and Russian
Quiz Patente icon
Quiz Nove App
Alertswiss icon
Get real-time emergency information in Switzerland
Pintar Bahasa Inggris icon
Learn English and have fun doing it!
Learn and play MULTI lingual free icon
Learn languages with this app
NHK Easy Japanese News icon
Access a network of news in Japanese
Shapes & Colors icon
Fisher-Price, Inc.
Learn Portuguese Words Free icon
Learn useful phrases in Portuguese
Dutch icon
ATi Studios
Learn to Draw Eyes icon
Mueeza Apps
Arabic icon
Arabic for beginners
Hindi Fun Easy Learn icon
Fun Easy Learn
Coloring Pages icon
Dozens of images to color in and bring to life
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