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Drops: Learn Korean icon
Learn Korean in just 5 minutes a day!
윌라 오디오북 icon
Access tons of audiobooks in Korean
Drops Learn Japanese language kanji and hiragana icon
Learn Japanese in just five minutes a day
Eggbun icon
Chat tool to quickly learn Korean
Seesaw Class icon
Discover educational content with this community
Untis icon
Find out the time in any part of the world
Naver Papago Translate icon
A full-featured, multilingual translator
Gauthmath icon
Solve math problems with the help of live tutors
Internshala icon
Find and apply for internships on your phone
Epic! icon
A library with ebooks for kids!
Agenda Escolar icon
A student planner with loads of features
flowkey icon
The easiest way to learn to play the piano
Periodic Table icon
A periodic table for Android
GeoGebra 3D Calculator icon
Create 3D math models
BabySparks icon
Activities and developmental milestones for your baby
QasidasApp icon
A collection of poems written by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba
Blackboard icon
Access all the information you need about your classes
Moodle Mobile icon
Moodle Pty Ltd.
AI-Super Chinese icon
Learn Chinese from scratch on your smartphone
Quizizz: Quiz Top Games » for Learning icon
Have fun while learning and competing with your friends
AnkiDroid icon
Create your own flashcards
12min icon
Read something new each day
Ruangguru icon
An educational app for Indonesia
ISS HD Live icon
Look at Earth from the International Space Station!
PBS KIDS Video icon
The best cartoons and other shows for kids
Parental Control & Kids GPS: Kaspersky SafeKids icon
Teach your kids to use technology responsibly
Learn Chinese icon
Learn Chinese from your Android
MasterClass icon
MasterClass Inc.
Plantix icon
A helpful app when it comes to growing plants
iNaturalist icon
Sign up and share the species around you with this community
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